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Do you have a little Picasso at home who is fascinated by the world of cute and cuddly creatures? Discover a new world of creativity and self-expression with "How to Draw Cute Stuff," specially designed to introduce the principles of drawing to kids aged 6 to 11.

This fun, engaging guide is not just another drawing book. It's a magical journey into the realm of imagination where pandas, pizzas, and cotton candy come to life on the page. The step-by-step approach in "How to Draw Cute Stuff" makes it a breeze for your child to replicate these cute drawings. Whether it's a Kawaii baby penguin, a smiling alien from a faraway galaxy, or a tower of ice cream brimming with delectable toppings, each cute drawing holds a new adventure for your budding artist.

Every page of this book is a celebration of cuteness, making it perfect for both beginners finding their way around a pencil, and for those ready to take their creativity to the next level. Let your child's imagination soar, develop their motor skills, and build their confidence as they learn to enjoy the process of drawing cute stuff.

Unlock your child's artistic potential today with "How to Draw Cute Stuff: A Step-by-Step Drawing Guide for Kids" from Catherine V. Holmes, author of the bestselling "How to Draw Cool Stuff" series. Imagination has never been this adorable!

How to Draw Cute Stuff: A Step-by-Step Drawing Guide for Kids

SKU: 978-1956769456
    • Author: Catherine V. Holmes
    • Series: How to Draw Cool Stuff
    • Reading Age: 5-12
    • Print length: 93 pages
    • Dimensions: 8X11
    • Weight: 8.5 ounces 
    • ISBN: 978-1956769456
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