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Catherine V. Holmes

Catherine V. Holmes

About the Author

Hailing from the historical town of Plymouth, Massachusetts, Catherine V. Holmes is an esteemed art/ELA educator and accomplished visual artist. Her academic journey includes studying at Boston University and Bridgewater State College, from where she obtained her BFA and MA in ED. Presently, she is pursuing her second Master's degree at the University of Scranton.

Holmes exhibits expertise in crafting portraits, architectural artworks, and illustrations. Her creations spring from a palette of her emotions, thoughts, and experiences, which she finds in the natural world, popular media, or human-made structures. A significant source of her inspiration also stems from her students' interests and suggestions. In her own words, "Witnessing their success fuels my aspiration to elevate my teaching and artistic creation."

Catherine is a mother, an artist, an art educator, and the author of the bestselling How to Draw Cool Stuff series, The 15-Minute Artist, and other drawing books. In addition to teaching students in the classroom, Holmes is an online instructor for

Hometown: Holbrook, MA


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Books by the Author

How to Draw Awesome Stuff
The 5 Minute Workbook
How to Draw Cool Stuff - Holidays
How to Draw Cool Stuff - Shading
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