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Living the idyllic childhood in 1960s Northern California, Jim Hamilton had no idea the challenges, pain and grief that awaited him. In Waves of Life, he tells you about the 3 Big Waves he has experienced in his life and the valuable lessons he learned from them.

From the passing of his older brother through battles with health issues and addiction, his journey takes us through the pain and joy of his life. Relying on his own experiences, the knowledge of sports and medical experts and key people from his life, he tells an extraordinary story of determination, strength, self-awareness and hope.


As Jim shares, “Love is the greatest gift you can receive and give. This may be more visible to you if you slow down and take the time to enjoy everyone around you and every day you have. Life is not forever, but the opportunity to experience it is limitless”


So please lay out your towel, unfold your chair, get comfortable and break out a cold one as the author shares his story about the waves of his life. In doing so, you just may learn how to dive into the water and make your swim more enjoyable as you ride the waves of your life.

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About the Author

Jim Hamilton is a business consultant with over 30 years of experience in the hi-tech industry. More importantly, he is a father of three, grandfather of three, and husband to one remarkable woman. He is recognized for his insightful, entertaining, and humorous writing style. Through his writing, national interviews, and blogging, he is on a mission to help couples improve their relationships by enhancing the way they communicate, connect, and care for one another.

"Good is not good enough," he says. "We should all strive toward a happier and more fulfilling life through having a phenomenal marriage."

A graduate of UCLA, Jim was brought up in Palo Alto, CA, and currently resides in Brentwood, CA with his extraordinary wife, Dora.

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