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Phil Ochs has his troubles. His adult son is a failed artist who's targeting him in a terroristic poetry campaign, his wife has developed an addiction to As Seen On TV gadgets, and a professional rival is poaching managers from his seventeen Fry Buddy fast food franchises.


Worst of all, Phil is a southern conservative who shares a name with a famous liberal folksinger. It's this lifelong association, he believes, that's denied him the respect he's always craved. Who could take him seriously, after all, when his name evokes thoughts of that radical hippie tree-hugger? When he loses a coveted business award to a producer of testicular implants for neutered pets, Phil is finally through being disrespected. He devises a scheme that's certain to bring him notoriety. Whether that means becoming a figure of admiration or of national hatred will all depend on how well he conceals the more depraved elements of his plan.


The Decadents is a darkly satirical novel featuring a cast of unique and unforgettable characters.

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About the Author

M.C. Schmidt is an Ohio-based author. His short fiction has appeared in New World Writing, BULL, Spectrum Literary Journal, Abstract Magazine, Litro Online, Every Day Fiction, Rumble Fish Quarterly, Red Earth Review, and The Needle Drops... Vol 1., among other publications. He is a winner of the Say Goodnight to Illiteracy competition and holds an MFA in Creative Writing.

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