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Warrior Sister, Cut Yourself Free from Your Assault is a vital and timely self-help tool for teen girls, young women, or anyone working to overcome physical and sexual assault trauma, as well as the professionals who serve them. The pages within are designed specifically for teen girls and young women for two reasons. First, they’re collectively the largest demographic impacted by physical violence with the least recovery resources. Second, as fellow survivors, they should know where to find their sisterhood and how to navigate the recovery valley some of us have already made it through.

Warrior Sister, Cut Yourself Free from Your Assault is a road and resource map for survivors thrown into situations where they must become their own heroes and save their own lost worlds. The book offers the trauma-informed support, knowledge, and strategies survivors need to restore their emotional stability, health, and self-worth. This book is also used as a part of the aRIFT+ Warrior Project outreach, which collaboratively works to help assault survivors heal and take back control so they can move beyond their attack and experience self-restoration.

Warrior Sister, Cut Yourself Free

    • Author: Jenifer DeBellis
    • Print length: 155 pages
    • Dimensions: 5X7
    • Weight: 5 ounces
    • ISBN: 978-1736241851
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