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Welcome to The Ultimate Filmmaking Term Pocketbook Glossary - From A to Z: Unlocking the Language of Filmmaking. This pocket-sized glossary contains over 2,000 essential filmmaking terms used on-set, during pre-production, post-production, and throughout the film industry’s creative and business communities.


Whether you’re a budding filmmaker, an aspiring film producer, an actor in training, or just a cinema enthusiast eager to learn the lingo of filmmaking, this pocket-sized book is the tool for you! After all, it’s best not to look like a cold brick on your first day on set. What’s a “cold brick,” you ask? Dive in to find out! (it’s under ‘C,’ just in case you were wondering.)


So grab your copy, slip it into your pocket, and get ready to make some movie magic happen!

The Ultimate Filmmaking Term Pocketbook Glossary

SKU: 978-1-956769401
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