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Author Yun Ji has been raising parakeets for several years, learning and observing these magnificent creatures from birth. She decided to write this book to provide Parakeet lovers an opportunity to look into the life of a parakeet as he becomes accustomed to his environment, socializes, bonds and eventually falls in love.


I am a Parakeet will give you a fantastic way to learn new facts about these amazing birds by seeing the world through their eyes. The book delivers essential information to new parakeet owners through a heartwarming tale about a young parakeet named Prince, as he plays and flocks, preens, bathes, sings and bonds. It is a perfect book for children and youngsters who currently own or planning on buying a parakeet.


This book serves as a great introduction to the world of parakeets through their own eyes. We hope you enjoy it!


I Am a Parakeet: A Story of a Parakeet Named Prince

SKU: 978-0615919560
    • Author: Yun Ji
    • Print length: 116 pages
    • Dimensions: 8X10
    • Weight: 8.6 ounces
    • ISBN: 978-0615919560