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In "Hey Addiction, Thanks for NOTHING: A Brutally Honest Guide to Loving an Addict Without Losing Your Mind," Meredith Beardmore, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and expert in substance abuse, bares her soul and shares her journey as she grapples with the painful realities of loving someone ensnared by addiction. Believing her professional expertise would protect her from the collateral damage, she soon realizes that addiction's reach is relentless—it spares no one, regardless of gender, socioeconomic status, or job title. Meredith becomes intimately acquainted with the devastation as addiction seeps into every facet of her loved ones' existence, leaving her no choice but to confront the harsh truth: she cannot escape the shadow of its harm.


With raw honesty, an uplifting tone, and a voice of authority born from lived experience, the author takes readers on a rollercoaster ride through the heartbreak, frustration, and determination that come with loving an addict. This guide is not just a detached account of theories and techniques; it's a memoir infused with humor, compassion, and practical tips for surviving the nightmare. Meredith's insights are complemented by gritty artwork that vividly depicts the desperate lengths people will go to help their addicted loved ones. Through these powerful illustrations, readers will find themselves reflected in the myriad of scenarios, realizing that they are not alone in their struggles.


Drawing from a diverse range of evidence-based treatment modalities, including Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Expressive Arts Techniques, Meredith offers a comprehensive toolkit for readers seeking to find their way out of the trauma and back into their lives. This guide is not just another self-help book; it's a beacon of hope—a refreshing and authoritative resource that addresses the specific pain and challenges of loving someone with addiction.


Through reflection exercises, best practice skills, and validating yet humorous insights, "Hey Addiction" bridges the gap in print media and clinical settings, providing the much-needed guidance and direction for those on the periphery of addiction. It empowers mental health professionals and individuals alike to face the brutal realities of loving an addict head-on, offering them a chance to heal and grow through this arduous journey.


As addiction continues to impact millions of lives, "Hey Addiction, Thanks for NOTHING" emerges as an indispensable guide—a lifeline for those who yearn for a respite from the dark cloud of addiction's harm. With Meredith's wisdom and understanding, readers will discover humor, community, and practical support within the pages of this groundbreaking memoir. Whether you're navigating this painful journey yourself or seeking to support a friend or family member, "Hey Addiction" is the ultimate companion, showing you that there is hope, strength, and resilience even amidst the darkest of storms. Pick up your copy now and join the growing movement of validation, healing, and empowerment surrounding "Hey Addiction, Thanks for NOTHING"!


Hey Addiction, Thanks for NOTHING - A Brutally Honest Guide to Loving an Addict

SKU: 978-1956769388
    • Author: Meredith Beardmore
    • Release Date: September 15th, 2023
    • Print length: 130 pages
    • Dimensions: 5X8
    • Weight: 9 ounces 
    • ISBN: 978-1956769388
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