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What makes a superhero “super”? Is it the power to endure? The will to stand up for what is right? Or is it the courage to conquer fear and the ability to overcome adversity? In the real world, superheroes exist and they are all around us. And much like the comic-book heroes we grew up with, real-world superheroes were once average people who faced adversity and conquered it. They discovered their power and became something more; they stood strong in their truth and became a “super” version of themselves.


We all want to have that “superpower,” the power to control our own destiny, to be independent, strong and to kick ass at accomplishing our goals and achieving our dreams. But many of us feel as if we could never attain it as if we had lost our power, our inner strength and our ability to control our own destiny. We feel as if a tragedy, an event or another person have robbed us of our abilities and left us hopeless, struggling to regain control and becoming the person we used to be. We watch other people grow into their super-selves and quietly whisper the words, “I wish…”. Well, it’s time to change that.


By combining the powers of fitness and self-awareness activities, Girls with Sole will guide you through the process of reinventing yourself and unleashing your inner superhero. It will provide you with the tools to becoming a badass, rock star, super version of yourself. Girls with Sole shows you how to further develop and unleash your gifts into the world and take real-world steps towards becoming the fit and fierce person you want to be. We don’t need anyone to save us; we save ourselves! Capes optional.

Girls with Sole - A Girl Power Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Superhero

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    • Author: Liz Ferro
    • Print length: 143 pages
    • Dimensions: 6X9
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    • ISBN: 978-1732888807