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This uniquely uplifting memoir tells the compelling story of the author's journey from foster child and sexual abuse survivor to founder of the nationally recognized running organization, Girls With Sole. With brutal honesty, Liz Ferro writes about her own experiences of trauma, and how running, biking, and swimming pulled her through the toughest times imaginable, always reminding her of her own strength and worth. She writes about the challenges she's endured with humor and heart, always looking for the meaning in each and every experience.


This inspiring, Cinderella story-which ends with Ferro being named as an honoree for Traditional Home Magazine's Classic Woman award-will inspire all readers, no matter their story or goals. "Like a traveler on a long and tiresome journey, the finish line beckons you with the rewards and riches that come from achieving your goal," she writes. "The warm beauty of the finish line after a race gives you the feeling of home, and makes all the efforts of getting there worthwhile."


Gritty, yet often humorously told, her story proves that with resiliency, anyone can be rewarded with the euphoria she calls the "finish line feeling."

Finish Line Feeling

    • Author: Liz Ferro
    • Print length: 303 pages
    • Dimensions: 5X8
    • Weight: 10.7 ounces
    • ISBN: 978-1736241844
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