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For two decades, Ally Shaw buried the nightmares of her past deep below the surface. The former opera singer had forgotten the sound of her own voice, wearing the painful costume of a "people pleaser" until eventually, in a single moment, every painful memory broke free like a tidal wave on steroids - the rape, the incest, the divorce, the cancer, the deaths. Around every corner were signs that she was living the wrong life, celestial messages from God that often came during a serendipitous visit with a tiger at a North Carolina ranch.

Chasing Tigers in the Dark: Life Lessons of a Fierce Survivor is a raw and revealing self-help memoir, exploring the author's traumatic experiences while shining a light of hope on a beautiful love story, proliferated from the ashes of a painful past. This is the story of an underdog who turned the stinging repetition of loss into a miraculous story of survival - winning as a multi-unit franchise leader in the #1 pizza brand in the world, becoming a motivational speaker, and thriving as a devoted wife and mother to a beautifully blended family of seven amazing children.

In this book, Ally Shaw invites us to redefine our labels, to stop living as a casualty of life, to move past our traumas, past our mistakes and insecurities, and to find the fierce tiger within ourselves. We are invited on a quest to find freedom from our past with a little help from the author's own life lessons. No more hiding in our shame shadow, haunted by our past mistakes—no more faking the brave smile, secretly defeated by our latest trauma. Chasing Tigers in the Dark is here to guide us through a journey of escaping our current victim status and discovering our own fierceness in the process.

Chasing Tigers in the Dark: Life Lessons of a Fierce Survivor

    • Author: Ally Shaw
    • Print length: 259 pages
    • Dimensions: 5X7
    • Weight: 8 ounces
    • ISBN: 978-1736241882
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