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Fans of Luke Geddes and Alissa Nutting will want to indulge in M.C. Schmidt’s darkly comedic novel

In M.C. Schmidt’s brilliantly imagined satirical book, “The Decadents,” readers meet Phil Ochs, a blustery, top Fry Buddy restaurant franchisee who never overcame that childhood sense of being mocked. When he loses a coveted award, Phil’s craving for respect pushes into obsession.

The Decadents follows Phil as he devises a scheme to get him recognized as the great man he knows himself to be, all while working against an As Seen on TV addicted wife and a son who is campaigning against him through poetry. Whether Phil becomes a figure of admiration or of national hatred depends on how well he conceals the more depraved elements of his plan.

With his novel, Schmidt uses a unique cast of unforgettable characters to spin a tribute to present-day practices of politics, American consumerism, the complicated dynamics of a contemporary family and our own day-to-day complicity in creating it.

“The Decadents” By M.C. Schmidt

ISBN (paperback): 978-1956769043

ISBN (hardcover): 978-1956769050

Release Date: 05.26.2022

About the Author

M.C. Schmidt's short fiction has appeared in New World Writing, BULL, Spectrum Literary Journal, Abstract Magazine, Litro Online, Every Day Fiction, and elsewhere. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing. Follow M.C. Schmidt on Twitter for more- @MCSchmidt12

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