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Library Tales Publishing Announces the Release of "How to Draw Cool Stuff: The 10th Anniversary Edition"

Library Tales Publishing is excited to announce the upcoming release of "How to Draw Cool Stuff: The 10th Anniversary Edition," slated for release on September 3, 2024. Celebrating a decade of fostering artistic skill and creativity across the globe, this edition revitalizes the beloved series with new features and broader accessibility.

Originally published in 2014, "How to Draw Cool Stuff" has since become a global phenomenon, inspiring a diverse audience around the world to explore and enhance their drawing capabilities. The 10th Anniversary Edition expands on the original’s visionary approach to teaching art, incorporating updated techniques, additional chapters, and interactive content that engages both new learners and practiced artists.

In recognition of its worldwide appeal, this bestseller has been translated into multiple languages, including Spanish, Italian, French, German, Polish, Hindi, Japanese, Czech, and Russian, ensuring artists across different regions can access and enjoy this resource in their native language.

"This special edition not only reflects our commitment to artistic education but also our dedication to connecting with a global audience," states Usher Morgan, CEO of Library Tales Publishing. "We are excited to see new generations of artists bring their visions to life through the lessons captured in this book."

The 10th Anniversary Edition of "How to Draw Cool Stuff" will be available for purchase at all major bookstores, through direct distribution from Ulysses Publishing and Simon & Schuster, and online at

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