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Frequently Asked Questions

Q01: Do I need an agent to submit to Library Tales Publishing? Library Tales Publishing (LTP) welcome agented submissions, but we don’t require them.

Q02: May I submit a manuscript published by other publishers? No. LTP will not consider re-releases.

Q03: Is Library Tales Publishing considered a "self publishing company"? No. LTP is a traditional publisher. We do not offer any 'self publishing' services. 

Q04: How long will I have to wait for a response? Once a submission has been received, responses can take between three to six weeks.

Q05: What are your terms of contract? Our contract is for eight years, requires exclusive publishing rights, including digital, print and audio, and is fully negotiable. All details are available for review when we offer a contract for your book. A two year film option may also be requested. 

Q06: How soon after acceptance will my book be released? Books can be released within eight to ten months of being contracted, or they can take up to a year.

Q07: What about marketing, promotions and distribution for my book? LTP advertises both online and offline, as well as send books for reviews in newspapers, book review sites and magazines. We also schedule book signings and attend numerous conferences and book fairs. We provide our authors with the opportunity to promote their books and maintain an online presence and connect with their readers. If an author cannot build a website, we will create one for him/her; we distribute our books through various booksellers, independent bookstores, gift shops and general bookstores, as well as Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and large, small and medium bookstores. LTP runs its own marketing, distribution and fulfillment division in New York which sell its books and products nationwide and through international distributors. 

Q08: How much does it cost to get published with Library Tales Publishing? We do not charge our authors any fees for publishing or marketing their work.

Q09: Do you offer advance payments? Our authors are generally paid a royalty based on their book sales, however, we will make exceptions when dealing with established authors. 

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