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The pandemic has put a strain on working women who carry most childcare and eldercare responsibilities in the family. The workplace terrain has become hybrid, where people are in-office and working from home. Re-entry anxiety, along with adjusting to the constantly changing “new normal,” can create confusion and a lack of confidence for workers.

Author, workplace consultant and social media influencer Helene Lerner offers guidance in the form of a five-step program to boost confidence. This book is filled with practical tips and inspiration to assist women in navigating the internal and social barriers they face in their daily lives.    


About the Author

Helene Lerner is the founder of She’s a television host, Emmy award-winning executive producer, workplace consultant, and prolific author of fourteen books. Her following in social media is 19 million and growing.


She began her career as a teacher, later working her way up through the management ranks of The New York Times. As CEO of Creative Expansions, Inc., a multimedia company, her mission is to empower women and girls. 

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