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If you think that all fine wines start on a grapevine, you are in for a delightful, eye-opening, tantalizing surprise. What you will discover in this book are delicious, mouth-watering recipes, for making wines and liqueurs from fruits, vegetables, and medicinal herbs.


Beyond Grapes: How to Make Wine Out of Anything but Grapes is not your ordinary "how to make wine" book. It was written by Yacov Morad, founder and chief winemaker at the world-famous Morad Winery in Israel. In this book, Mr. Morad puts years of winemaking experience to use, to teach you how to make simple, easy-to-learn wines and liqueurs from everything BUT grapes in the comfort of your own home.


Each recipe follows a similar formula, which, once mastered, will give you the blueprint you need to design your own wine or liqueur, regardless of what fruit, vegetable, or plant you want to use as its base.Learn how to make wine from raspberries, pears, coconut, dates, onions, papaya, apricots, pomegranates, carrots, potatoes, mint, onion, dill, and even parsley (among other things), as well as how to make liqueurs from pineapple, honey, lychee, mango, chocolate, and chamomile.


Beyond Grapes: How to Make Wine Out of Anything but Grapes is the must-have book for any enthusiastic oenophile who dares to explore a new world of wine, to expose themselves to new and exciting flavors, and who wants to master the skills needed to produce experimental beverages out of an array of fruits, vegetables, and medicinal herbs. It is the perfect gift for any wine lover.

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