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The Thought Exchange eBook

eBook, 448 Pages


We do not live in the physical world! Where we REALLY live is in the INVISIBLE world of EXPERIENCE. It is in this world, and ONLY in this world, that we have infinite possibilities, and are safe and at peace at all times. As long as we don’t realize that this is the world in which we TRULY live, not only does NOTHING in metaphysics makes any sense, but no matter what we do, what methods we use, what systems we follow, we will not achieve what it is we truly want.

In this groundbreaking eBook, The Thought Exchange, Overcoming Our Resistance to Living a Sensational Life, David Friedman takes us on a journey that begins where most of us started and perhaps still are; firmly entrenched in the ambitions, strivings and frustrations of the physical world; and leads us, step by step, discovery by discovery, to this new world, the REAL world, that has always been right here, inside us. In this world, we not only find that we have all that we’ve looking for, but we discover that the “outer” world has no choice but to reflect the contentment, success and peace that we already have, and have always had, inside of ourselves. By opening this book, you are taking a journey that perhaps you have begun many times, only to get lost, frustrated or sidetracked along the way. This book will lead you, in ways you’ve never been led before, to where you’ve always truly wanted to be.

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Excerpt from the Thought Exchange Audiobook CD, by David Friedman. Published by Library Tales Publishing.www.TheThoughtExchange.com | www.LibraryTalesPublishing.com

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    Excerpt from the Thought Exchange Audiobook CD, by David Fried...
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