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The Perfect Gift for Mother's Day


Written for his wife and children by master storyteller, Tim Pratt, "My Life With Ewa: The Early Years" will make the perfect Mother's Day gift. This true story of adventure, travel, and long-distance romance, recalls a time before cell phones, GPSs, and the internet. The reader will find herself laughing out loud while becoming involved in the lives of the author and his girlfriend, as they carry on a Trans-Atlantic courtship. With numerous references to the pop culture of the day, baby boomers will find themselves revisiting their own pasts, as the protagonists negotiate the bureaucracies of the Cold War in their quest for love. Throw in a summer backpacking in Europe, Pope John Paul II, President Jimmy Carter, a speeding ticket, barbershop quartets, and a dockworkers strike in France, and you have the elements of a delightfully-entertaining read. Give Mom a few hours of fun and nostalgia. Give her, "My Life With Ewa: The Early Years." 

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A mother's love is the most powerful force that moves our lives, her gift is unique, priceless, lasting and capable of enduring the most difficult test. Strides of Destiny is a tale of a mother's unselfish sacrifice to save her daughters from being captives in a country with no rights or freedom, even at the cost of separating her from the true love of her life. Strides of Destiny is a tribute to mothers enduring their unconditional love for their children.
A recommended reading available for all ages.


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