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The Magic Key To Tennis

The Magic Key To Tennis

Paperback, 164 pages
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Welcome to the world of Eric Sage - the acclaimed master “tennis teacher to the stars”. A place where a revolutionary tennis system and passion are king…with a little rock 'n’ roll thrown in to keep things entertaining. The Magic Key To Tennis - 1 Thru 10 System is the first of its kind - there has never been a tennis book like it. Players will learn to hit the right shot every time - where they want it, when they want it - with the precise amount of spin. This instructional and motivational book will help beginning to advanced tennis players reach levels of achievement they always dreamed of - in 80% less time. It will teach readers to be incredibly consistent and hit with tremendous power. It is the first time in history someone has come up with a simple, yet visionary tennis system that will change the way tennis is played, taught, and watched. It will inspire and motivate players to reach their own goals. In this technical and heart warming manual the author shares how, through discipline and intelligent practice, he reached an unprecedented dream, and thoughtfully guides us to reach ours.

About the Author:

Eric Sage was a world ranked professional tennis player who, at age 23, in a split second, lost his life long tennis dream in an automobile accident. He went on to open The Los Angeles Tennis Academy with his brother where they coached many celebrities including George Clooney, Alec Baldwin, and Robert Downey Jr., as well as famous rock stars, NFL owners, world ranked juniors and adults. He also taught physically and mentally disabled children and kids of all ages - all with amazing success and was chosen to be on the HEAD Penn Racquet Sports Advisory Staff. However, he felt compelled to pursue a latent dream outside of the tennis world. Ultimately, he spent the next twelve years teaching tennis eight hours a day while studying music five hours deep into every night. During this transformational time, he developed The Magic Key To Tennis - 1 Thru 10 System. It is a simple yet revolutionary concept that will change the game of tennis. It is through his passion and discipline that he went on to master voice, piano and music composition. He is a public speaker and works with professional athletes on sports psychology.

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