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The Lost Book of Summoning

Paperback, 124 Pages
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The Lost Book of Summoning is a step-by-step guide that explains and interprets the magical acts, spells, and rituals described in the Goetia and the Key of Solomon. The book will serve as a manual for Goetia fans everywhere, providing essential information about the process of summoning and controlling demons, exorcism, and mastery of ceremonial magic.

The Lost Book of Summoning describes the 72 demons of the Goetia in detail, and includes new graphics, art, paintings, and different ways to summon, control, and converse with each demon. The book provides a fresh look on the controversial Goetia.

Note From The Editor:

"If you search for the Goetia, you will find that many books have attempted to interpret the original work by merely providing their own versions of it. In so doing, these versions take readers away from Crowley’s original edition. We decided to stay true to the original version of the book. By simplifying the text and redelivering the Goetia with a new design, detailed graphics and additional information concerning the 72 demons, processes, ceremonies and names of the Goetia, we have amplified the original text without altering it. Based on extensive research, our edition provides the reader with exact English pronunciations of the original Hebrew names. Amateurs and professionals alike may enjoy this elaborate version of the original Goetia." - Abraham Atias.


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