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The Healing Power of Negative Thoughts and Uncomfortable Sensations

Paperback, 334 Pages
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How many times in the course of our New Thought studies have we heard phrases such as "Think POSITIVE", “CANCEL those NEGATIVE thoughts!” and “Don’t think NEGATIVE thoughts or NEGATIVE things will happen!” And how many times, as students and seekers of health and happiness, have we found ourselves unable to stay with that "Think Positive" philosophy and ended up thinking “There’s something wrong with me, I’m just not doing it right.” 
Could it be that by trying to get rid of our “NEGATIVE” thoughts and “UNCOMFORTABLE” sensations, we are, in fact, suppressing, ignoring and avoiding one of the greatest tools we have for healing and living a full life? 
In this revelatory new book, David Friedman looks directly at our “NEGATIVE” thoughts and “UNCOMFORTABLE” sensations and reveals them not as things to be feared or ignored, but rather as messages from our past, tools we can use to heal any long-avoided traumas that may arise when we try to "think positive."

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