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Thank God It's Wednesday

Paperback, 276 Pages
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Thank God It’s Wednesday! was written for business professionals who feel like they have too much job and not enough life. It is a prescription for “Work Sickness,” or the live-to-work syndrome, that manifests itself in the form of feeling overwhelmed, incessantly tired and unsatisfied. This book was written for those looking for a practical and easy-to-implement strategy to master the corporate game, identify their career calling and to create more time & space for personal passions. TGIW! is packed with creative insights, innovative “connecting” techniques, real-life examples of success, as well as hands-on exercises that will show you how to unlock the power of your innate inner knowing. Read it and learn how to utilize 8 powerful Spiritual Laws to create your own “YOUnique” passion plan to live and work with purpose again and to get turned on by your career.

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