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Strides of Destiny

Paperback, 170 Pages
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How many times can love conquer impossible obstacles?

“Strides of Destiny” is a true love story that gives new meaning to the words love, fate and destiny. It passionately depicts love’s triumph and perseverance during the many hardships and uncertainties experienced by a young couple who are ultimately separated against their will -- with no hope of ever reuniting again. Alex and Loly’s adolescent romance begins during the 1950's when life’s cadence on the exuberant and exotic Caribbean Island is mixed with flowers’ fragrances and sea breeze. But their life together is interrupted when political instability in the country prompts a revolutionary movement that turns their paradise into a place of despair. The island of paradise suddenly suffers a social and political metamorphosis imposed by the new regime of Fidel Castro. Lack of freedom and human rights generates drastic decisions and each day people leave behind their property and assets, and their families and loved ones. Uncertain if they will ever see each other again, many families cannot bear the tests and trials of the separation.

Alex and Loly’s love and faith help them hope and persevere, even though their reunion seems distant and unattainable. But is this feeling strong enough to survive all the tests and tribulations that life presents them?

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