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Poverello: A Novel of St. Francis of Assisi

Paperback, 596 Pages
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The year is 1262. Brother Rayner is a young monk who wishes to write the life story of St. Francis, the newest of saints. There is only one official version of his life authorized by the Church's hierarchy. All others have been burned; writing another will bring punishment from the Holy Inquisition. Rayner meets Brother Giles, St. Francis' first companion. As they elude the Inquisition, Giles recounts the saint's life, starting from the time his spiritual odyssey begins. It's not long before Rayner discovers that the old man's memories differ significantly from the 'authorized' biography.

Who was the real St. Francis, the little poor man who electrified his generation with wisdom and love? Although written as fiction, the novel is based on historical evidence and scholarship. Francis comes alive and the reader will understand why his life has inspired people for a staggering eight centuries. His voice and spirit are urgently needed, as we in the modern age face hard economic times and an ecological crisis.

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