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Library Tales Publishing (LTP) is a book publishing company located in Las Vegas, NV. As a personal business-oriented general book publisher, we treat our authors as we would business partners by employing what we call the “Publishing Partnership” strategy. We use technologically advanced publishing tools to make it easier than ever to monitor and contribute to the success of your book publishing venture. Our ever-expanding digital distribution system is growing by the day, and our published books are available to every bookstore In the United States.

We provide a rare combination of large-scale efficiency and attention to detail that is critical to navigate today's increasingly complex market place successfully. As a book publisher and distributor, we fulfill the unique business needs of each author by offering flexibility, timely feedback, and exceptional customer service. We are eager to share our extensive resources with authors in a concerted effort to foster sales growth while maximizing efficiency through each part of the supply chain. Our authors can expect the highest standard of service, and can benefit from the strong relationships Library Tales Publishing has with its online and offline vendors and customers. 

LTP will consider submissions, proposals, manuscripts, or queries online.Click Here to submit your manuscript. (Read our submission FAQ).