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New Book Release: The Spiritual Golfer


The Spiritual Golfer, A New Golf Book by Golf Pro Robert Lumpkin, Tees Off in August

New York publisher Library Tales Publishing is pleased to announce the release of its upcoming book, “The Spiritual Golfer,” by professional golfer Robert "Lumpy" Lumpkin. The book will be launched on August 24th, 2012.


NEW YORK, NEW YORK--(LTP Press - May 23rd, 2012) – The eagerly anticipated new book by professional golfer Robert Lumpkin entitled 'The Spiritual Golfer', is ready to tee off on Friday, August 24th, 2012. In this self-help book, the renowned golf instructor will teach you how to improve your game, dramatically enhance your swing and learn to enjoy the magic of golf. This book is a must-read for the golf enthusiast, the avid player and the individual who truly wants to not only understand the game of golf, but also play it 'like a pro'. The book will be available everywhere following the August 24th launch.

The Author says:

"Abiding deep within every golfer’s spirit is a unique swing. Whether a beginner or advanced player, all golfers can dramatically improve their shot-making skills by taking an exciting and revealing journey inside “The Spiritual Golfer.” This intriguing page turner unravels the mystery and confusion surrounding playing great golf! From the boom of blasting the ball off the first tee, to the comforting sound of the ball dropping into the cup on the last hole, this book reads more like a novel than a cut-and-dried instruction book. It is filled with real life stories, humor and pictures, all wrapped up into an adventure you’ll truly enjoy!"

 Critics rave:

"Robert Lumpkin is a great instructor with an enormous amount of patience, talent and an eye for the golf swing. Lumpy always receives the highest performance evaluations from his students. His ability to play the game as a scratch golfer, even at the age of sixty, illustrates and reinforces that what he teaches truly does work..." -Patrick Wilkinson, General Manager and Head PGA Professional, Black Bear Golf Club.

"Besides being an accomplished player, Robert Lumpkin has a thorough understanding of the intricacies of the golf swing. Where he sets himself apart from other teachers is in his ability to communicate with the golfer who is searching for improvement in skills. Bob’s relaxed style helps the student feel at ease and be more receptive to understanding and learning." - Don Barnes, a PGA of America golf professional

Book Signing:

Come meet the author in person during his book signing event in the Golf Dimensions store on Friday, August 24th @ 3432 Highway 501, Myrtle Beach, SC. A second book signing event will be held in the store's North Myrtle Beach Location (2301 Highway 17 South North Myrtle Beach) on Saturday, August 25th.

About The Author:

Mr. Lumpkin is a certified golf instructor, club fitter, club builder, trainer for instructors and club builders. He is a golf expert and has been used as an expert court witness. Lumpkin is the Founder and Golf Director of the Getaway Golf Academy, the former Chairman of Fantasy Golf International, former mini-tour professional player, a public speaker and a contributing writer and illustrator. With more than twenty years of golf teaching experience, he has taught students of all levels.   He resides in South Carolina with his beautiful lady Jeanne and their two toy poodles, Crown and Coach.

The Book:

Paperback: 206 pages

Publisher: Library Tales Publishing

Language: English

ISBN: 978-0615568225

Price: $16.99

Available for pre-orders.