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My Life With Ewa: The Early Years

My Life With Ewa: The Early Years

Paperback, 149 Pages
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This delightful true story, written in the first person by the spouse of the title character, will have readers reliving their own pasts. Baby boomers will surely savor references to the pop culture, history, and politics of their collective youth as they get caught up in the personal lives of the author and his spouse. In an afternoon you will learn how a speeding ticket and an interest in four-part a cappella harmony intersected with the Cold War to start the protagonists on the road to holy matrimony.

Along the way, you will be charmed by the author's ability to engage you in this tale. From chance encounters with President Jimmy Carter and the late Pope John Paul II to a longshoremen's strike in Rouen, France, the plot meanders through the late 1970s as it entices you into wanting to know what happens next. The book is part adventure, part travelogue, part nostalgia, and part love story. Be prepared to be thoroughly entertained in this initial offering by a gifted storyteller. We suspect it will not be his last.




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Book Trailer - My Life With Ewa: The Early Years (01:06)
After releasing "My Life With Ewa: The Early Years," Des Moines author Tim Pratt has decided to bring his beautiful true story to life in the form of an audiobook. The story follows Tim Pratt as a young man, a football player, a ballroom dancer, a weight lifter, a chess master and a ballroom dancer; in any other case these hobbies would not have meshed well, but in Tim's case, they did. Oh, did we forget to mention? Mr. Pratt was also the youngest member of the Des Moiners Barbershop Quartet Group. It all began with a parking ticket, a trip to Poland and a moment in time when Tim met Ewa. What follows is an amazing adventure that takes place, well, everywhere—from France to Poland, Iowa and back. This love story is a true page-turner, and now it is available on audio.Additional information:www.MyLifeWithEwa.comwww.LibraryTalesPublishing.com
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