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It's All Inside

Paperback, 142 Pages
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As the fable goes, the Gods all got together to decide where they were going to hide the secret of life from Man. The first God said, “Let’s hide it up in the sky. Man can’t fly so he won’t be able to get to it there.” The second God said, “Let’s hide it at the bottom of the sea. Man can’t breathe underwater, so he won’t be able to get to it there.” Then, the third, and wisest God said, “I have an idea. Let’s hide the secret of life right inside Man himself. He’ll NEVER think of looking for it there!’

For so many of us, we have spent years looking for success and fulfillment everywhere but where they can actually found. Inside of ourselves. There is nothing to attract. Nothing to target. Nothing to achieve. All we have to do is Notice what has been there all along, inside of ourselves. And the moment we do that, the physical world, which is nothing more than a mirror designed to reflect back to us what WE are thinking, MUST reflect what we are thinking. In fact, it’s doing that right now.

In this third book in The Thought Exchange Series, David fulfills his readers’ and students’ request for a simple workbook of step by step exercises in which we can understand, on an Experiential level, that EVERYTHING we could ever want we already have inside.

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