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In Pursuit of Love

Paperback, 140 pages
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Badly injured from his car accident and stranded on the side of a hill, hi-tech executive Tom Daniels is faced with even greater challenges than those presented by his dark and damp circumstances: himself. But through the guidance of three mysterious women, Tom is given the opportunity to experience his past, present, and future, enabling him to make some very important decisions that will impact not only his life, but also those of his wife and family.

In this 21st century parable, Jim Hamilton, author of It’s All About Her, allows readers to join Tom Daniels’ journey from his childhood’s idyllic start through his challenges in facing the death of a close family member, the premature end to a promising athletic career, and addiction and recovery. This reliving of his past sets the stage for Tom profoundly and sometimes painfully evaluating his current life and his possibilities for the future, ultimately allowing Tom to answer the question, “Where’s Love?”

Respectfully adapting the time travel form of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” with In Pursuit of Love Hamilton has created a vehicle for us to examine our own lives and priorities in an insightful, entertaining, and often humorous way. The semi-autobiographical story of the main character’s past also provides a universal message of hope for all willing to brave self-awareness and act on their desire to overcome life’s challenges.

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