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Full Guide To Becoming A Real Wizard, Witch Or Necromancer

Paperback, 259 Pages
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This is a first-of-its-kind step-by-step guide that will help you produce genuine results in magic and become an actual wizard, witch, or necromancer. This book will grant you an understanding of the many forgotten mysteries of the occult. Since the beginning of time, the command of the divine has served as a leading source of debate in the Bible, history, and the deep learnings of life. In this unique book, we teach you the secrets of magic and the occult based on the Scripts of Osari The Wise (a real wizard from the late 1800s). Learn his secrets behind chaos magic, white magic, Druidism, witchcraft, and necromancy. The contents include:

  • Secret understandings of the soul, magic, and meditation
  • The practice of dark and white magic, exorcism, and Druidism
  • A list of books you must read to develop the wizard in you
  • The languages of wizards and witches
  • A guide to wizards’ meditation and mana regeneration
  • How to practice witchcraft, necromancy, and wizardry
  • Creating spells, potions, and magical symbols
  • How to create your own magic staff, magic wand, and ring of power
  • And much more...

Full of rules, principles, tips, and techniques to help you become a wizard, witch, or necromancer, this book is for everyone who wishes to practice real Magic, and understands the difference between a real wizard and a fake one. Included are paragraphs from the unreleased "The Scripts Of Osari The Wise," which were suppressed and nearly destroyed by the Catholic Church in the early 1900s. This book includes the dark Spell of the Pulse De Nura.

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