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Clickable Paper: LTP Adds Digital Amazon Links on the Back of Paperbacks Prints

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Library Tales Publishing is testing a digital experiment that allows consumers to "click" on a book using a QR code, which automatically directs their cell phones to the book's Amazon page. This new feature gives them access to the book's reviews in seconds, and provides them with the opportunity to buy the book at a cheaper rate and add it directly to their Kindle devices.

The publisher will begin printing Amazon-branded QR codes on the back of paperbacks which will link the reader directly to the book's page on Amazon. "So if you come across the book in a bookstore somewhere, you can immediately tell if the book is worth reading, or add it to your Kindle in a matter of seconds," said Usher Morgan, CEO of Library Tales Publishing. "This saves you the embarrassment of standing in front of the shelf for 5 minutes while searching for the book online." As mentioned above, the QR code also allows you to add the book to your Kindle device in a matter of seconds.

The new Digital-Friendly covers will be launched following the release of Ten Days in the Glades, an adventure book by Michael Goldy.

Sample of the Amazon Link on the back of In Pursuit of Love, coming April 15th, 2014