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A New Filmmaking Terms Book is a 'Must' on Every Set

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A new term glossary book details over 3,000 filmmaking terms you may hear around a movie set. 

Library Tales Publishing announces the release of The Filmmaking Term Pocketbook Glossary on July 22nd, 2014. This pocket size glossary contains over 3,000 “must know” filmmaking terms commonly used during pre-production, on set and in post.

The Filmmaking Term Pocketbook Glossary contains detailed descriptions for the most popular filmmaking terms heard on set, including terms relating to grip, lights, cinematography, screenwriting, visual effects and film distribution. This handy pocketbook is a “must” on-set tool which can prove useful for filmmakers, film producers, actors and any person who wants to get involved in the exciting world of film production.

Copies of The Filmmaking Term Pocketbook Glossary can be purchased on Amazon.com on or Kindle.