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Baking Cookies on Presidents’ Day


Library Tales Publishing announces the release of “It’s the Cookie, Mr. President” a refreshing look at our Presidents through cookies, paired with amusing quotes from every administration since 1776.

NEW YORK, NY – (LTP Press - February 18th, 2013) – “It’s the Cookie, Mr. President” highlights our eclectic elected by way of a common denominator – the cookie. The wordplay that connects the recipes and the quotes is inspiriting. The book revives quotes from forty-four U.S. Presidents, with a refreshing combination of words and sugar. The book is short and sweet, with approachable recipes and clear instructions.

It’s a perfect gift for the mom or dad who loves to bake and debate, or anyone who understands that baking cookies is cheering in its simplicity and familiarity as well as its affordability. Save dough by home-baking - just add basic ingredients and a little bit of patriotism, and you’ll find a hobby that will endear and endure and make for a tasteful election season!

You can find the book here, or on Amazon.com